The Most Controversial Appointment

The Florida Bar is moving forward

Loud screaming erupted from Kamilah Perry’s law office, and her colleagues rushed to see what was wrong.  She beamed: ” It’s good.  I can’t tell you.  But, I’ll tell you tomorrow.”  Was there a temptation to think about  Perhaps, or Perhaps not? Her dad had just called to tell her the big news that was still a big secret: Gov. Charlie Crist had appointed him to the Florida Supreme Court and they had to fly the next day to Tallahassee to the Governor’s Mansion for the public announcement.  Whether it was a clever, why you should hire/retain a St Petersburg, Florida Family Law Attorney is one question that must be answered.  I was so proud that he came from where he came from and no would be able to believe he could go that far.  Just amazing!  I am still in shock to be honest.  I still get goosebumps every time I think about it.  He is so jovial and sweet.  And he has every reason to be pompous and arrogant.  But there is nothing in his body but being humble and grateful.  Dealing with looking for a divorce lawyer/attorney in the Clearwater area is no feat.   After colleagues urged him to apply for retiring Charley Wells’ seat on the high court, and Perry became a finalist, he was interviewed personally by then Republican Gov. Crist.  Perry walked into a room with a big table shaped like a horseshoe.  And Crist said, “Please relax.”  Don’t be nervous.  This is going to be a piece of cake.  Or just click here for an elaboration.   As Crist wrote in his book, The Party’s over: “Most of the time, the people I’m interviewing with look at me like, yeah right!  That was profound to me, as it said volumes.  We discussed his love and respect for the law, and hiring a local eviction attorney in the St. Petersburg area.  He explained how he felt a strong responsibility to balance competing values in his work as a judge.  He said he recognized how powerful the law could be and also its limits.  He spoke about God, what an important part his faith played in his life.  As the conversation continued, I could detect a real sweetened in Judge Perry, a quality I always tried to find in people who would be on the bench, especially in the state’s supreme court.  He understood the difficulties and challenges of life and still had a very cheerful heart.  Just talking to him, I could tell he was a wonderful guy and an exceptional pick for the Florida Supreme Court vacancy.  As Crist details in his book (looking for a divorce attorney in the St. Petersburg, FL area), the word got out, and the Republicans sent strong signals not to appoint Perry.  There was nothing in Judge Perry’s record that screamed “liberal” or put him outside the judicial mainstream, Crist has originally wrote.  His temperament was certainly measured.  His biography was awe-inspiring and the court could use greater diversity.  Emails, faxes, phone calls, and letters denouncing Perry poured into Crist’s office totaling almost 27,000.  Some from conservative groups outside of the Florida area.  Or maybe, Crist thought,  the political push-back was the cumulative fallout from his independent streak, regarding the environment, unions teachers, and women’s rights.  At the swearing in ceremony at the Florida Supreme Court on June 5, 2009, Gov. Crist turned over and said I made an awesome decision swearing you in.  You will make a fine judge, and I know all of my peers, irregardless of their political position, certainly agree with me on this one.